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Manhattan Projection

AKA mmm... tangy.

This is a basic profile at the current time. My l337 coding skillz are not on display here.
I'm mostly here to keep up with folks attending the Con.

Send money.
01 dragoncon, 02 fauna of dragoncon, 03 pros of dragoncon, 04 cons of dragoncon, 05 pros attending dragoncon, 06 cons attending dragoncon, 07dragging cons through dragoncon, 08 maybe a few, 09 things not related, 10 to dragoncon directly:, 11 playing bass, 12 painting, 13 coding, 14 kilts (ok related), 15 falcons, 16 speaking in tongues, 17 using my tongue, 18 lifting heavy things, 19being a heavy thing, 20 and unmentionables.